the vibe

Arcadia was born out of a quest for happiness. you’ll feel it when you walk through the door. After all, happiness is what we all seek out of life.

In this era of the “experience” everything matters – the details, conveniences, personalized care. At Arcadia you’ll be our first priority, feel totally relaxed and enjoy many benefits in a comfortable, unhurried environment.

Our mission is simple: to take great care of our guests and one another while focusing on delivering the best hair experience possible. Education is the foundation of our success and we will never stop learning.

We are lovers of art and plant life – you’ll find that in every area of our space. It’s a little like home with bits of luxury.

This isn’t work for us, it’s part of our life.

the Greek meaning of the name arcadia is: pastoral simplicity and happiness. we found the name arcadia by researching the word happiness. with such a chaotic time in the world, we wanted a place where everyone could feel happy. simplicity is translated in design and how we operate. welcome to arcadia


  • Best Salon of 2019 – Finalist, Birmingham Magazine
  • Best Blowout of 2019 – Finalist, Birmingham Magazine
  • Best Stylist of 2019 Theo Pettway – Finalist, Birmingham Magazine
  • Best Stylist of 2019 Mary Fulton – Finalist, Birmingham Magazine