our crew

mia shirley

salon manager

Boy did it take us a long time to fill this position and she fits in perfectly.  Mia has a retail and customer service background, plus, she was a client before she became an employee!  She’s a graduate of Montevallo, with a BFA in Acting, and also dabbles in photography. Her favorite movie is Forest Gump, her and her brother would watch it over and over again as kids. She can also talk beer like no other woman you know. She now leads our team daily.


theo pettway

education director / stylist

voted Best Stylist in Birmingham 2019 (finalist)

Theo was the catalyst of opening Arcadia.  Christie, the owner, knew him for many years and after reconnecting, she knew that he would lead what was to become Arcadia.  theo is a 2009 graduate of aveda institute birmingham and has been on the scene ever since. he’s a happily married father of 2, an abstract painter – preferring large canvases –  and absolutely loves leading education at Arcadia.  Theo also became a Davines Educator in 2019 so we love having an in-house guru!


mary fulton

color educator / stylist social media director / color specialist

voted Best Stylist in Birmingham 2019 (finalist)

mary is a 2016 graduate of the Aveda Institute Birmingham, coming aboard Arcadia in 2019.   She is one of Birmingham’s most sought after Colorists and Blonding Specialists and teaches our staff her signature Balayage style that she created all her own. (Amazing right?!?)  Mary imparts her knowledge on the importance of Social Media and freely gives her skills to anyone so that they become a stronger, more capable stylist. You can also follow her creative arts account @artistically.mary on Instagram.


christina castorini

master stylist

christina is a transplant from seattle and now lives in atlanta, jet setting to birmingham twice a month to work with her carefully curated clientele.  She’s vegan, loves roller skating and has recently begun painting in her spare time.  she specializes in mens cuts and short haircuts.


Mackey Atkinson

alyssa weas


alyssa is a 2015 graduate of aveda institute birmingham and loves the entire creative process of being a stylist.  she loves video games (current fav is destiny 2), reading and is an incredible artist – ask to see some of her paintings, they will knock you out!  Podcasts that lean toward the unusual and spending time with her fur babies is where she leans on the weekends. Follow her artist account in Instagram @alyssa_paints_stuff



Kista Hamilton

kista hamilton


Disney, Elvis and cross stitching – these are just a few of Kista’s favorite things.  Travel is where she thrives – anywhere from weekend trips to Graceland or Disney, most recently, a week long diving trip to Roatán. Color is her passion and is the reason she fell in love with with hair.  Many things inspire her but one of the main things is creating memories with her son Memphis.


lis barton


Lis (pronounced Liz) is a graduate of the Aveda Institute here in Birmingham but sort of feels she’s been in cosmetology most of her life – she’s always had a love of hair.  You can find her paddle boarding on the weekends, plus she has a fondness for creating digital illustration, printmaking and her newest hobby is hooping.

As far as hair goes – she loves everything!  Cutting is a strong suit and as far as color – she loves the entire rainbow.


Victoria Horton

victoria horton


Victoria is a 2020 graduate of Paul Mitchell Academy here in Birmingham but has been doing hair since High School for friends and family so finally decided to make it official.  She’s a happily married mother of 3 and loves it when they can all go to the beach together to connect and relax.  AND – was in competitive dance for over 20 years!  Whew!  She loves doing hair and has a huge passion for making your day.


candace gantt

hospitality technician

bio coming soon!

christie white

owner / salon social media director & marketing

christie has worked in the salon industry since 1995, holding various positions of leadership until 2018 when she, along with her husband bill, were lucky enough to embark on creating their own salon at arcadia. she’s a lover of vintage tiki culture, collecting various ephemera and original mid-century modern art. she leads team arcadia with careful guidance, tailoring success for each individual and actively assists them in achieving their dreams.